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Asus rog strix lc 240

Hi,i have a rog strix lc 240 AIO and since i decided to upgrade my cpu i would like to know which is the already applied thermal paste on the product cause it's amazing and i would like to apply it on the new cpu. Thanks 

Nickz by Star I
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Stylus compatibility

I have a Zenbook Pro UX535LI.315Which of the Asus pens are compatible?  I am aware of this page, but mu model number is not shown, despite it being a similar model with touch screen: 

GJG1 by Star I
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Rog Gladius 3 wireless -auto sleep problem

#Rog Strix G16 laptop#Gladius 3 wireless So the problem is the auto sleep option in armoury crate after the last update this option dont work and the mouse dont go in sleep mode no metter what i do ... i try to change the dongle in another usb port ,...

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Account required

Sorry but why do I need to provide biometrics to access keybindings and lighting settings on my keyboard?I find this highly suspicious and rather unsettling as I own a lot of equipment provided by ASUS. My next build will not require an ASUS account.


Hey all.Is there a way to tell if this is working?  The hoses feel about room temperature.  I logged into  Armoury Crate but can only find information about the lighting control.  My motherboard is ASUS Proart B550-Creator.  

Bluetooth Earbuds

Hello. I would like to ask if there are any plans from asus releasing any new bluetooth ear buds any time soon. The existing ones seem a bit outdated now. Thanks.

Link_7 by Star I
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Resolved! Confirmation when using TUF GAMING CAPTURE BOX-CU4K30

Even when the TUF GAMING CAPTURE BOX-CU4K30 is not recording, is it okay to connect HDMI to the input/output and output to the monitor via pass-through?Also, does the pass-through function support 2560*1600 at 120Hz and HDR? When using the pass-throu...