UX430U with wrong BIOS?

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: NA
  3. Model: UX430UA-DH74
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Sometimes
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:I bought an UX430UA-DH74. I have had some wake up from sleep issues and battery overcharging - gets real hot. In most of the "check first" helps is check for latest BIOS. I have a "308" version that should be in an UX430UAR. I should have a "307" since I have an UX430UA. Bios 307 will not load. How can I determine the right BIOS?


  • use system information.



    dxdiag.exe in command prompt

  • Thaks for the reply. I did and it seems to inform me I have an UX430UAR with it's appropriate BIOS - 308. I think that the BIOS hijacks any inquiries. Maybe ASUS will tell me what I should expect if I gave them my laptops serial number - have not tried that yet - I'm out of warranty. The tag on the bottom indicates UX430U. I bought a UX430UA-DH74. All works well with this BIOS except for sleep and battery overheating while in sleep. So far my fix is never let it sleep -- always turn off.

  • type below commands in cmd with admin rights , results will be stored in C:\ zip all the files and uploadin online storage , paste the link here

    PowerCfg.exe /ENERGY -output C:\Energy-Report13-09-2020.html /duration 240

    PowerCfg.exe /BATTERYREPORT -output C:\Battery-Report13-09-2020.html /duration 14

    PowerCfg.exe /SLEEPSTUDY -output C:\Sleepstudy-Report13-09-2020.html /duration 14

    PowerCfg.exe /SYSTEMSLEEPDIAGNOSTICS -output C:\systemsleepdiagnostics-report13-09-2020.html /duration 14

    PowerCfg.exe /SYSTEMPOWERREPORT -output C:\Systempower-Report13-09-2020.html /duration 14

    PowerCfg.exe /SRUMUTIL -output C:\Srumutil-Report13-09-2020.html 

  • Having trouble dropping online storage link. I get a "You have to be around a little longer to ...". Thanks anyway -- I'm am learning a lot.

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