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Zenbook Duo 2024 UX8406 - Lag after Waking from Hibernate?

Star I

Hi, it seems to be a bug and hopefully ASUS takes notice and fixes it in following BIOS updates.

This only happens in Windows. Once I wake the machine from hibernate, the OS would become super laggy for 15-30 seconds, starting right from the login page. E.g. touch / mouse movement takes some time to register, keyboard shortcuts e.g. disable second screen would not take effect, etc.

It might take more than 30 seconds for things to stabilize, after which the laptop becomes fully functional, without a hitch.

I see that the CPU frequencies were normal during the “cold start” period and it wasn’t thermal throttling. Nothing seems wrong with the iGPU / Intel drivers either which makes me believe it’s a firmware issue. In Linux there’s no such slowdown.

Thank you!



May I ask if the same operation performed in Safe Mode would result in the same issue?
If the issue does not appear in Safe Mode, it is very likely that the problem is caused by the applications you installed later.
Since the issue you reported is more likely a software problem, we also suggest that you try updating the system to the latest version, or back up your data and restore the system to verify.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


My laptop's on a fresh Windows 11 install, with a minimalist setup. I believe it happens when the laptop's in battery mode. Again it doesn't happen if I boot into Linux and my power settings had always been Balanced.

So your laptop is currently only using a single operating system, which is Microsoft's system, correct?
Could you please provide me with the BIOS version and system version (operating system build numbers) you are currently using, as well as a video of the issue occurring? 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 


No worries and thanks for taking your time to look into it. I’m dual booting Linux and Windows but mainly use the latter. OS build no is 22631.3672 (Win 11 23H2) and on bios 306 (the laptop shipped with 305 and same behavior)

See the attached video clip for details. I restarted Windows afresh and only opened Task Manager and HWInfo in the background before putting it back into hibernate.

Video starts at ~0:23 (before that it was boot manager loading Windows after some short timeout, and windows restoring from hibernate); once the login screen popped up I was trying to smash the login button with my finger, and it took a while (keyboard would have been the same, if not a little longer)

After that you could see the system acting sluggish, with HWinfo freezing from time to time, also switching panels in Task Manager / opening or closing start menu did not lead to instant response. At ~1:20 mark the system finally “warmed up” and became fully usable.

Per Task Manager / HWInfo readings the CPU was not throttling by any means.

Seems that fresh reboot also exhibits such behavior.

Let me know if you need anything else.