Laptop will not start BIOS. Power and charge light are on. HD and WiFi light blink continuously

  1. System: Asus N56JN-CN093H Manufacturing date 06-2014
  2. Battery or AC: Either, makes no difference
  3. Model: N65JN-CN093H
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Nearly always
  5. Reset OS: Does not load OS (Windows 10)
  6. Screenshot or video: Yes


Detailed description:

When the laptop is turned on some HD and DVD drive movement is heard, screen will stay off. Laptop will only occasionally enter BIOS with ASUS splashscreen and load OS soon there after. Within the last few weeks the computer will not start BIOS but will enter into a loop. This loop used to be 5 or six times before startup but nowadays it will sit there and loop for hours. I assumed a problem with the BIOS battery so I replaced it on the motherboard. After replacement the laptop started up quickly but only once or twice. After this there is no difference between before or after the battery replacement. Removed DVD drive, no difference. Removed memory, no difference. Removed HD, no difference. Swapped both memory modules, and tried each individual memory bank in every possible possition, no difference. Tried removing the batteries with AC plugged in, no difference. Only battery with no AC, you can probably guess by now, no difference. I found an update for the BIOS on the ASUS site but I can't flash the ROM without getting in it first.


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