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hi, I have a zenbook UM425 and it is charged via USB C

on its left side there are two USB C port, and either one can be used to charge the unit

one day I left my charger at home and in need of charging, so I used my phone charger. its rated output is 15 watt per slot (has 2 slots). the zenbook battery managed to stay longer even though battery percentage eventually dropped slowly.

my question is, is it possible to use both USB C to charge my zenbook? since either one can be used for charging and my phone charger has exactly two slots.

yes, I realize it will never replace the original charger since it is rated at 100 watt. but is it possible to charge both USB C at the same time?

thank you


  • @redeyedprince89

    From my standpoint, I would not recommend using it this way.

    Please refer to the following FAQ to use.

    Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

  • I do not know about your model but I have the UX482EG and I would recommend getting a 30W charger at least. This is small and cheaper than a large charger and will slowly charge you up to full even while using it. I have not tried the dual USB and would not really recommend it, but if you want something small you can take with you a PD 30W charger should be just enough.

    I have tried on good quality 18-20W chargers and they are good, but if you want to go the economic route you would be safest with a 30W option because the converter may get quite warm reducing it's power output and then you have some headroom to continue charging.

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