ASUS Zenbook UX390U Battery Problem

  1. Battery or AC: 40WHrs, 2S3P, 6-cell Li-ion

Detailed description:

I am using my 3rd original battery in 4 years for this high segment laptop and as it seems there is a general production problem concerning the battery of this model. First battery survived less than 1 year. Second one which official Asus service changed in the content of guarantee did not work in healthy condition more than 11-12 months either. And the 3rd one for which I paid started to show the same failure symptoms in its 3rd week.

I accept that the life of a battery is shortened with time and I do not have any problem with this. I am OK even if it lasts 1 / 1.5 hour after 1 year although its time span is around 7-8 hours when it's new. But the problem of this model's battery is that the laptop shuts down without informing when the battery level comes to 11-12%. After a while the laptop starts to shut down at 20%s and then even at 30%s.

The "the battery health charging" app is not working in UX390U. I tried to get advice from Asus Turkey Technical Support Team about how to adapt this app to my laptop or any other ways to keep my battery healthy but all I got was "this app is not available for your laptop" answer and some other generic answers about the battery usage.

Dear ASUS Global Support Team, one thing is clear: The battery you include in your premium laptop model UX390U is defective, has a general production problem or, more optimistically, very low quality. Such continuous problem on such high segment laptop is not acceptable.


1.tell me a way to adjust the battery indicator to show the real battery level. In this way, may be I will see 2-3% level in 1.5 hour (I have no claim for this) but my laptop will not shut down without my intention.


2.send me a new laptop with a properly working battery!


  • @doganlevent84

    Regarding the situation you have reported, we will provide you with the following troubleshooting methods for confirmation. Since your computer may be out of warranty, a fee may be charged if sent for repair. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

  • Dear Falcon,

    You gave me a totally unrelated answer. In the link you suggested, it is advised to download myASUS and control the battery life according to this but myASUS app's battery section (it is in fact the same thing with ASUS's battery health charging app) is not applicable ONLY for UX390U model, which is my laptop. Also in power options I do not have an option of ASUS recommended. Because it is a feature which could be added there, only if myASUS's battery management could be applicable to my laptop. Don't you find it interesting and why cannot any ASUS engineer / technician / staff explain the reason of this?

    You told me:

    "Since your computer may be out of warranty, a fee may be charged if sent for repair."

    I did not request repair!!! I am already using my 3rd battery! I am talking about a chronical, continuous production problem about this laptop and it seems that you have no answer for this.


  • @doganlevent84

    Since your laptop is out of warranty, if you have concerns about battery usage, we suggest you bring back your laptop to our service center and check the battery. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

  • Please do confirm me that there is no reported general production problem about Asus Zenbook UX390U and please inform me the reason of "the battery health charging" app's being not applicable for only UX390U among Zenbook family.

  • @doganlevent84

    f you cannot find ASUS System Control Interface in Device Manager, it means your device belongs to old model and MyASUS only supports ASUS Promotion and limited Customer Support.

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