googledrivefs3525: The driver version of the disk does not match.

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Model: X513IA_D513IA
  3. Frequency of occurrence: very often
  4. Reset OS: no
  5. Screenshot or video: yes


Detailed description:

Hi, community.

I was experiencing BSOD (watch_dog_violation) very often while starting my computer only.

All available drivers from the website, MyASUS are up-to-date as well as BIOS version: 308 and system version control (myasus version)

But, within every BSOD it gets on my nerves :) as I cannot find the root cause: dump file creation is failed.

But, I settled it up as shown on the internet.

But, I found something interesting in event viewer:

googledrivefs3525 is repeatedly throwing errors: "The driver version of the disk does not match."

And more interestingly, this error is occurring within every BSOD, too.

The highlighted part is indicating BSOD:

I was unable to find any valuable information on the internet to resolve it, however checked with "Security Task Manager" and "OutByte PC Repair" and both of them showed that there is a problem with google drive File stream. i disconnected and uninstalled Google Drive, but I see that the following cannot be deleted.

Should I delete it somehow? if yes, can anyone please help with that ?

Can the mentioned event log be the reason for BSOD?

Does anyone know what other thing can be reason for dump file creation failure.

Thank you all.


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