No USB-C display output on ROG Flow X13 GV301QE



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    This is occurring for me, as well:

    • HDMI detects displays
    • Right USB-C doesn't detect displays (via dock)
    • Left USB-C detects displays (via dock)

    On 1/16/2022, left USB-C stopped detecting displays. I tried two different docks that both work on another computer. I upgraded to Windows 11 and the issue is still occurring. I ultimately deleted the AMD Radeon driver and re-installed via AMD site. This somewhat helped. My displays are detected on both USB C ports, now, but it is intermittent.

    @Blake_ASUS Has ASUS been able to replicate this?

    Device Details:

    • Model: GV301QE
    • AMD Driver: 30.0.13025.5005
    • NVIDIA Driver:
  • Hi there,

    Would you mind to provide the update record in Windows update or MyASUS around 1/16/2022?

    Thank you very much.

  • Sure thing. Here are some screenshots. Just an update, both USB-C ports no longer detect my displays. They still charge, though. HDMI port detects my display just fine. Thanks for your help!

  • I just bought a x13 flow and discovered this same error today when I tried to use it at work with my dual Dell U2414h monitors through a USB-C to Mini-Displayport adapter. It does not detect any external displays, and nothing I have tried from Reddit or elsewhere seems to fix the issue. Prior to this, I had successfully used a Surface Pro 6 at work with no issues. This USB-C to Mini-DP adapter was also used successfully yesterday at my home setup on a Dell U2717d, I'll have to take it back home tonight to try again and see if it detects it.

  • 😄 I switched from Surface Pro 6 the same as you

  • I have Windows 11. I've installed it right after I opened the box with the laptop. Have you installed the latest Adrenalin (2022 release, not the recommended one, 2021 release)?


  • The left one didn't work at all. The right one stopped working right after the update on 09 December 2021.

  • Dear all,

    Thank you all for the information.

  • Hello,

    One more over here. i'm having problems with the hdmi port.

    The port sometimes works, but other times it detects the external monitor but don't have any image.

    I have a dock station connected to usb-c and the monitor connected to the usb-c port works well. My only problem is with hdmi port

  • The external U2717d monitor connects just fine... Not sure why it would work with this one but not the U2414h monitors.

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    Another follow-up. I was able to get a USB-C to HDMI output working to the Dell U2414h, but for some reason, it doesn't recognize the USB-C to Displayport. I was able to use that output for one monitor and the standalone HDMI port for the other monitor. It wasn't ideal, but it did allow me to drive two external monitors.

  • Hi there,

    In that case, please kindly open a new thread.

    And share more detail about it.

    Are you having GV301QE? GV301QC?

    And which monitor are you using? have you cross check with a different monitor?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Nicholas,

    You said you can connect the Type C port with U2717d, then can you keep this connection and connect U2414h to the HDMI? Then you would have 2 external monitors.

    Or do you mean it only support one of the above connection at one time?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake,

    I'm actually referring to two separate setups. My home office is a single U2717d monitor and that worked via Usb-c to displayport. My work office is dual U2414h monitors and neither of those worked on the USB-C to displayport connection, as it would not detect the monitor. However they would work on USB-C to HDMI for one monitor and the HDMI port for the other monitor.

  • It seems that three pages worth of people are having similar issues to mine, so I'll add a bit more info

    My home setup (some generic usb 8 in 1 thing from amazon with HDMI out) works fine with my Dell P2714T on both USB-C ports right now (Nvidia GPU on).

    I haven't been able to test my university student dorm setup where all this started (my StarTech DisplayLink hub and Asus monitor that I forgot the model of it's probably on page 1 somewhere) because my university keeps delaying the return date due to Omicron.

    Below is a massive set of screenshots showing my current windows 11 / amd / nvidia software,, perhaps if you guys install drivers to match mine things will work better.

    Since I'm unable to test my university dorm setup I can't verify that the original issues have been fixed, but I believe updating the AMD drivers did help, so thanks to whoever originally posted that tidbit.

    Current software:

    --- WINDOWS UPDATE ---


    --- AMD ---

    --- NVIDIA ---

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    Figured I'd chime in as well. Got the Flow last week from BB. Everything is updated - nvidia on the new 511.23 drivers and AMD Radeon 22.1.2, MyASUS is . Was working fine for a couple days from either USB port. Today I went to put it in "tent" mode and it worked for 5 minutes then no display out from either port.

    Did some hard resets and disconnected the battery to eventually get the left port (xg port) working, but it stopped as soon as i put it in tent mode again, requiring the reset dance. Right port never started working again.

    I'm going to toss some USB analyzer software at it to see if there's anything there to help diagnose the issue. Monitor is the Dell U3821

  • Dear all,

    Thank you for the information.

    We will work on the driver and the monitor model you provided.

  • I am having the same problem as everybody here and I can't get it to even show something on one of the displays.

    I have tried with both Dell P2717H monitor and Samsung S24E650 monitors with and without using a Lenovo Thinkpad USV-C Dock Gen2.

    I tried using the USB-C connectors on both sides and in all scenarios and got nothing.

    I have tried with the drivers out of the box and all the up-to-date drivers.

    This is a serious BUG that is not acceptable for a laptop at this price range!

    @Blake_ASUS I hope you guys roll out a driver that fixes that soon and update us when it's done.

  • @Idanmos

    Thanks for your information.

    We will work on the driver and monitor you provided.

  • @Blake_ASUS Checking up on this. Any updates? This is still occurring for me. Should I open a support ticket with ASUS? I'm willing to send in my device if need be.

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