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X-570P motherboard no post

Star I

I have a fairly new x-570P motherboard  with a Ryzen 5800X 8-core processor that was working fine. I installed a new graphics card and the system would not even POST. I swapped back the original card and still won't POST. I swapped power supply, reset cmos bios, disconnected the hard and ssd drives.  Removed all but one memory stick (known working is installed). 

Now I installed another known working graphic card from a dell computer (simple one port card) and still no POST.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Seems it could be motherboard or CPU only but not sure. 

How does the X-570P know to display the output thru the GPU?  Is there something that needs to be setup to allow that? I don't recall anything was needed in the original build.  That CPU doesn't have any graphic ability built in. 




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