Notebook does not charge after IPS screen replacement

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  3. Model: R542UN-DM109T
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Detailed description:The LCD screen broke down and was replaced with an IPS screen. This worked fine.

After this replacement the notebook crashed immediately after unplugging power.

This was with the ASUS battery health app set to 60% state of charge. When I set that to 100%, the crashing would not occur immediately, but still within 15 minutes.

I set the battery state of charge back to 80%. After I unplugged at some moment, the system crashed. Now the battery is dead, zero volts, and even with the charger connected the notebook does not start up anymore.

I can buy a new battery, but my worry is I will get the same problem again once the new battery empties. What can I do to prevent this?

It is a notebook of 11/2017. In 2018, in New Zealand, the motherboard was replaced by ASUS under warranty because of a charging issue. At that time a new battery was installed.



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