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Laptop hinge and screen panel

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Hi ASUS community, 

I am reaching out regarding my ASUS laptop, which unfortunately is out of warranty. The hinge on my laptop is broken and the screen panel and lid are broken too, and I am looking to get an estimate of the cost of replacement.

Could someone from the community or an ASUS representative provide me with an approximate cost for replacing the broken hinge, screen panel, and lid on my ASUS laptop? The model of my laptop is ASUS TUF FX504GE, and it is no longer covered under warranty.

Additionally, I would appreciate any recommendations or advice on where I can get this repair done efficiently and cost-effectively. If there are any authorized ASUS service centers or reputable third-party repair shops near Noida that you can suggest, it would be immensely helpful.
I am facing severe issues on working with the laptop and would appreciate the prompt reply.

Best regards,



Unfortunately, as we are unable to verify the actual condition of the laptop, we cannot provide an online quote
From our perspective, we still recommend that you visit our service center for further assessment.

Note: If your product is out of warranty, generally speaking, seeking quotes from computer repair shops in the market will be more cost-effective.