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laptop Not Booting After New CPU Installation

Star I

Trying to upgrade my Asus N61V laptop i bought Intel q9000 CPU from AliExpress. 

Before this i check for related processors. Also updated BIOS to the latest version (v.209).

So, in BIOS i see  q9000 CPU, ....... .BUT Windows  don't want to boot as well as i can't start new installation of OS.

If BIOS determines  "new" CPU does it mean it is OK, or despite this, it may be defective.... ,?




Unfortunately, since you have disassembled the laptop yourself and replaced the CPU, we are unable to assess the cause of the issue with it not functioning after replacement. 

Star I

Thanks for your reply. But notebook works fine if i install old CPU back.

Could you inform me what is manufacturer of MotherBoard in this Notebook? 


Rising Star I

If you have updated the BIOS then it will simply fix bugs or add compatibility for any new device  that is added and will not harm the existing ones. 

Star I

interesting thing, on previous BIOS version (v.207) new CPU also determines as Intel Core 2 Quad q9000.

Just now have finished Memtest86 (11 tests). Result 0 errors, all tests passed. So i think the CPU is good.  But i can't run even Windows PE (loaded on USB Flash drive)