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I've noticed that my laptop has very weak WiFi in comparison to any device I have. All software and drivers are up to date. Different versions of WiFi driver (form Asus and Intel) doesn't help. Different driver settings either.

For example, the same location:

UX425EA: Signal 78% (reported by Windows) and RSSI -81 (reported by router)

(old) Vivobook UX410UA: Signal 100% (on Windows) and RSSI -64 (on router)

Even tablet or phone laying beside computer has better signal strength (RSSI measured on router).

Low signal causes constant connection speed fluctuations.

In the other location, in multi Access Point environment, it's even worse. I have Signal approx 40% (at Vivobook it was approx 60-70%) and WiFi is constantly switched between APs (connect/disconnect every few minutes). Computer is hunting better signal whenever anybody is moving on the hallway. The same issue is on 2,4 and 5GHz band.

Do you have any idea how to make signal stronger? What else should I check or change?

As both send and receive signal are weak on both WiFi frequency bands I have suspicion that it may be hardware or even design issue.


  • buy WiFi singal extender and connect to router.

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    Signal extender will not solve problem. Laptop is mobile device. Can't use extenders everywhere, home, office, cafe,...

    Asus service helpline advised I can try to use wifi dongle but I would expect that laptop for over 1000$ will have decent WiFi. Don't you think it's bizarre that such laptop (with Gig+ ax card) has worse WiFi than 5$ dongle? (and older cheaper vivobook S410UA, and old zenbook 305FA) It's also problem because there is only one USB-A socket. I did not intend to use it for such dongle, It's also easy to damage motherboard carrying laptop with dongle in port.

    (It looks to me that antennas are below palmrest and such location and probably poor antenna design attenuate signal. Hope I'm wrong.)

    Is there any way to try solve problem?

    Can somebody advise?

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    I haven't had any issues with the WiFi performance on my one. It works really well for me. What router do you have?

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    Mi Riuter 3 (MIR-3) on Padavan firmware, corporate network based on Cisco, Phone hotspot, ... Regardless on network signal is much weaker than any other computer. Very close to AP connection speed is OK, but any further from there laptop is dropping connection, reconnects, renegotiating speed and therefore unable to keep stable IP connection for longer than maximum few minutes. In case of network with several APs it is starting to constantly switch between APs looking for better signal. Of course if it is able to even connect. Other computers in the same conditions works fine.

    I've bought cheapest WiFi USB dongle. Here are results.

    On computer side:

    Description           : Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz

       Radio type            : 802.11ac

       Channel               : 36

       Receive rate (Mbps)   : 360

       Transmit rate (Mbps)  : 180

       Signal                : 80%

    Description           : TP-Link Wireless Nano USB Adapter

       Network type          : Infrastructure

       Radio type            : 802.11ac

       Channel               : 36

       Receive rate (Mbps)   : 180

       Transmit rate (Mbps)  : 180

       Signal                : 92%

    On router side:

    Operation Mode   : AP

    WPHY Mode   : 11a/n/ac

    Channel Main   : 36

    AP Main Stations List


    MAC                PhyMode BW MCS SGI LDPC STBC TRate RSSI PSM

    xxxxx (Zenbook)  VHT    40M  6 NO YES  NO 243M  -73  NO

    xxxxx (TP link Nano) VHT    40M  9 YES  NO  NO 200M  -70  NO

    So cheapest USB nano adapter has 12% stronger reception and 3dB stronger transmission than 2x2 mimo GigE integrated Wifi card !!!

    Similar discussion on Ax201 in Zenbook 425 is on Intel forum ( community.intel.com/t5/Wireless/AX201-weak-signal-level/td-p/1291816# ) and according to Intel there is nothing wrong with network card. The suggest laptop antenna problem.

    Asus, any comments please?

    Is it known issue? Is there any solution?

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    More test results in much tougher environment. (Wifi Adapter connected to USB port of the lpatop.)

    Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz Signal : 29%

    TP-Link Wireless Nano USB Adapter Signal : 58%

    Information form Intel: "we have plenty of systems using the Intel® AX201 card and no issues have been reported, in this case, the next thing to do will be to report this scenario directly to ASUS since the system might have a hardware problem"

    Asus, could you please comment. Is there any solution?

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