Poor suboptimal keyboard design

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  1. Model: Vivobook S15 S533
  2. Frequency of occurrence: All the time

Detailed description:I have just got the 11th gen Vivobook 15. Swopped out the measly 512GB SSD for a 2TB one. Everything seems fine, except for the keyboard!

The keyboard is really badly designed. There is so much spare room on the left and right, above and below, and yet the num pad keys are reduced in size and squeezed. There are no separate PgUp/PgDn Home/End keys!!! I have to use two hands physically for these keys, because Fn cannot be reached from my right hand. This is really worse than a retrogressive setback, because PgUp/PgDn and Home/End keys were always there for the past 30 years.

I feel enormously sad and depressive 😪 that I have to live with this severe handicap for the rest of the life of this laptop.


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