Unable to use a Headset (headphones + mic) on my VivoBook TP412UA

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I'm trying to connect a headset (headphones + mic) on my TP412UA laptop on the 3.5 mm jack. Headset works on my other laptops and on my mobile devices but on my Vivo I cannot find if it supports dual connectors (like mobile headsets).

  1. Is it possible? (I already tested my headset, and it works on other computers) - I could not find an answer on google or this site.
  2. If possible, what are the steps to make it work


  • Hello Alberto,

    Do you have another headset you can cross check?

    And when you plug in the headset, is the device detected?

    and you are able to switch audio device?

    Thank you.

  • Blake,

    1. I tested the headset on two different mobiles IOS and Android (it worked flawlesly)
    2. I tested an Apple headset and didn't work as expected.
    3. I used both headset on different laptos (mac an windows) and it worked.

    Basically, I cannot find the way to activate the input (jack 3.5 mm) to be considered as input and oputput.

    I installed Realtek latest version with no success.

  • I tried updating Windows and running Driver Genius to update every driver. It still does not work. I can hear music, I can use the mic (if I select mic when plugging it) but i does not work when using "headphones + mic" option.

  • Hello Alberto,

    That's really special.

    So the jack only can not work as headphone+mic at the same time, but can work as either headphone or mic.

    How about bluetooth headset? are you able to check as well?

    I have reported to technical support for more suggestion.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Alberto,

    Please kindly send the device to our service center.

    We need to adjust the jack for you.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Thank you very much.

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