IR Camera doesn't work

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  1. System: 10 PRO 10.0.19041
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX581GV.308
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  5. Reset OS: No
  6. Screenshot or video: Yes


Detailed description:

I'm trying the Windows login with face using the IR camera on my ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV and it doesn't seem to work. The whole idea of an IR camera is to handle low illumination, but this one is like bad, really bad. Have a look at the picture. Shouldn't it be grayscale?

It's not able to recognize me at low illumination, so it erases its purpose.


  • It also makes some weird circles before it gets to that state.

  • I have 2 identical laptops, bought from different stores, with the same updates and so on. I'm noticing the exact same problem.

  • Here is a video of the issue.

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    it seems that I'm not alone in this one, and Asus decided to basically lock the thread and do nothing about it. We're talking here about 3 500 Euro laptops.

  • To replicate this, you must be in nighttime condition, low illumination. With clear daylight or artificial light, it behaves as a normal camera. The issue is when the IR sensor needs to kick in.

  • Hello Liviu,

    Please kindly be aware that the thread you refer to had different models and issues.

    and it was closed by system because there was no reply for 1 month, it's not that I don't handle it, okay?

    May I know when did this issue happen? and only windows hello detection is not working well?

    how about regular video calls?

    Thank you.

  • The camera itself is working as a normal camera, without issues. The issue is with the IR module that is defective.

    When trying to record my face in Windows hello, in perfect lighting condition, it sees me in RGB colors. When the illumination is low, the camera gets in the state from the picture and video above. If I open the camera app, under low illumination, it behaves normally. It cannot see me well due to the low illumination conditions, as expected , but it doesn't look anything like the video from windows hello with that crazy artifacts. So the issue is with the IR module.

    Windows hello doesn't recognize me when the illumination is not very good.

    Also, if you go to Skype, audio and video settings, and go to video and camera settings and turn off auto exposure and play with the levels from - 9 to 0, it will completely mess up the normal camera. From freezying to crazy lags and artifacts.

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    Hi @Blake_ASUS

    So, to give more details:

    The normal camera works as expected in all the conditions, with all the software, browsers and applications, no issues here.

    The IR camera/module doesn't work. It gives crazy artifacts, as in the above picture and video. It can be observed only in low illumination conditions, at night, using the Windows Hello face registration. It doesn't even need to be extreme conditions. It just needs to be a little dark. Also, Windows Hello never managed to recognize my face at night, it always asks for PIN or Password which defies the purpose of having the IR thing.

    Another issue, which might be related in some way to the above issue, the skype video settings and the Windows Camera app can break the camera as the other suggested in the prev thread. I have never changed these settings. I have played with these settings after I have decided to use Windows Hello and discovered that the IR doesn't work, just to see if I can fix it this way. Changing those settings doesn't fix the issue, but It breaks the camera even more.

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    What I tried so far:

    Uninstall webcam from device manager, reinstalled it from Asus support center. Same results as above.

    Uninstall webcam from device manager, search for hardware changes, install them automatically. Same results as above.

    On the other laptop that I have, exactly the same model as this one, that has the same issue, I have reset it using the Windows reset option, after booting the first time in the stock OS, same issue as above.

    What I haven't tried is to go back on older BIOS versions, but then, the main camera will have gray/green lines and will flicker, and I need it for online calls as I'm a researcher and professor.

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    When looking in event viewer, I've found this related to Windows Hello. I'm not sure if it's related to the issue, probably not.

  • Hello Liviu,

    Does this issue happen in safe mode?

    So the issue happen out of a sudden?

    Thank you.

  • I noticed it after I decided to use Windows Hello. I don't know when it started to act like this, but I get the exact same result on both my UX581GV Laptops, and also, there are people that posted pictures with identical artifacts in this thread . Please check the picture in that thread and you will see the exact behavior. The only difference is that their reported weird behavior of the normal camera, but they ignored the IR camera. There is a picture there with the IR camera broken, just like mine,

  • Hello Liviu,

    Please kindly send your device to service center to check the camera issue.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Thank you.

  • Today I've received new windows updates, and the camera behaves better, but still has artifacts. So, it seems that is a driver issue.

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