ZenBook UX camera stop working



  • ZhouZhou Level 1

    Oh my!! I also met this issue, the camera works for several days and then now cannot be used in any apps. Also there are 2 cameras in device manager!

  • ZhouZhou Level 1

    Update: I tried to uninstall the cameras in device manager and then scan for hardware change, the camera will work for around 2s and then doesn't work as same.... Being crazy now

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    Hello @Zhou ,

    Which model and BIOS and camera app version do you have?

    Thank you.

  • I have the same issue recently with my zenbook. tried updating driver also no use. pls advise if i need to send it to service centre!! just bought the laptop last sept only.

  • Helllo @juanna.jan ,

    Please specify your model name and also specify the situation as well.

    A screenshot would be helpful.

    Thank you.

  • I just found a solution for my problem - hit F10 - it has a cross camera on it - like what I was getting when I ran the Camera app.

  • having same issue with new Zenbook Duo UX481FL and biometric driver is also not there how do i install the bio metric driver and make the hello windows work?

  • Hello @[email protected] ,

    so you mean your regular camera is working fine, but Windows hello is not?

    was there any update or modification before this?

    Also, what is the error message in Settings> Account> Sign-in options>Windows Hello Face ?

    Please go to the C drive, there is a "eSupport" file, there are all the initial drivers of your device,

    you may install the camera driver again.

    Thank you.

  • Hello @Blake_ASUS please let me know if i can reinstall all the driver from this option?

  • Hello @[email protected] ,

    What do you mean by reinstall all the driver? like reset the device?

    Well... you may try to set the device if you want.

  • MemeMeme Level 1

    I just got a new Asus zenbook 14 for college but when I tried to use the front facing camera in a zoom meeting it said that it was not available. I then went to the camera in the settings to see if it worked there and it dident. the permission in the privacy settings in on for everything and when i checked the drivers it said there was two cameras. Face recognition works.

  • Hello @Meme ,

    May you specify your model? UX433FN? UX425JA?

    If you enter built-in camera app, does the camera work?

    Thank you.

  • I wouldn't hold your breath on this one... I have a UX310U Zenbook which I purchased in the summer of 2017 so it was just under three years old on lock down. When I tried to use Zoom it said the camera was not connected. I'd never needed the built in camera before lock down and - but with all the online meetings it was crucial. Anyway - because the warranty expired - I was just told that the camera was disconnected and I would have to pay an unknown about to have Asus look at it. They wouldn't even give me a guide to the cost which I found very frustrating. Anyway - interestingly - I tried all the different options such as updating drivers - as there is so much about cameras not being recognised on the Asus notebooks. I gave up and bought a cheap webcam - and low and behold some how halfway through a zoom meeting I noticed the webcam light had turned on and I had my Zenbook (allegedly not attached) webcam working. So either there is a connection problem or there is some kind of conflict - as there was no change to my laptop to suddenly find it connected. So now - if I am doing a Zoom call I have to use my plug in camera - but usually after about 20 or 30 mins the built in camera comes to life. Sadly ASUS will not help - and I've learnt that I must try all functions on the laptop while in warranty - as I believe this issue is nothing new. Just take a look at the number of people with the same issue. ASUS - please explore this problem further as I find it hard to believe you haven't resolved this... Or it's bad workmanship if the camera is disconnected - it means that someone didn't fit it right in the beginning. But if that's the case - why would it work at all? It's either disconnected or not - and it works occasionally. Lets hope ASUS can explore this further as it's the last ASUS I will be buying. It wasn't a cheap laptop when I bought it - and I feel swindled.

  • Further to my previous reply about webcams not working. I've just carried out a firmware driver update - and low and behold - on testing my camera it now works! I need have the usb webcam plugged in - but on pulling it out the asus built in camera now works... so I'll try it tomorrrow to see if the bios update made a difference. If it did - I'll reply again - and you may wish to do the same . Device manager, firmware - expand and then click update drivers and the rest it will do automatically. Clever stuff. Backing up your files may be a good idea - but it was quick and easy for me... !

  • Okay since my last reply - it stopped working as soon as I restarted so the bios upgrade didn't solve the problem. However, if you are running Windows Defender I believe that is the culprit! I thought I would search for allowed applications and programmes just to check if the Camera app / exe file was listed and it wasn't. It was easy to find appropriate files - just by typing cam in the search box (in the add programs section) - and I found an exe file and also a dll file. So I allowed those programs and low and behold my camera now works!!! I'm so happy! Simple when you know how. I'm soglad I didn't listen to the ASUS tech guy who said that my webcam must have been broken ... i.e really disconnected from the laptop. He wanted me to send my laptop but couldnt tell me the cost. Surely Asus should liaise with MS to get this ironed out. The camera should be picked up by WD by default...

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