Unsolved problem (Notebook display)

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Hello guys,

I would like to ask your suggestion in relation to my notebook problem.

I bought Asus Vivobook A409FJ in Q4 2019.

However, there is an issue where the display flickers at unpredictable moment without any clear reason.

When the display flickers, the notebook immediately can work any more. So, I have to make a hard reboot and the notebook is back to normal.

However, it happens so often and disturb my job.

Then, I went to Asus service center for the first time. They only reinstalled the OS, but it didn’t solve the problem.

Then, I went to Asus service center for the second time. They replace motherboard with the new one, but it still don’t solve the problem.

Unfortunately, the problem is even getting worse. In addition to flickering, the display now can suddenly turn into blank and the notebook hangs. It have happened many times since I took it from the service center for the second time.

Some say there must be a conflict causing this problem. Is it highly possible? I only install common programs.

I also have checked the latest version of the drivers.

T is truly embarrassing if I have to go to service center many times.

So, what is going on with my notebook? Is there anyone experiencing the same problem?

Or, is is Asus Vivobook A409FJ has a special problem that needs special treatment? 

Thank you.


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