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I bought a vivobook pro 15 oled with AMD R9-7940HS CPU and NVIDIA 4060 GUP two weeks ago and after opening the box I could not turn it on because its battery did not have any charge, after charging it while using it on battery I could not watch 4K movies on it without lag. After further observation I found out that while playing 4K movies, AMD Gpu usage in Task Manager goes all the way to 100%, and it did not end at just movie play back, minimizing just a single file explore tab caused AMD Gpu, in this case 780m, to go up to 40% of usage. I bought my notebook from ME ASUS website, and I received it in Dubai, so I took my laptop to Ensure Services which is ASUS customer service partner in Dubai; however, they told me that there is nothing wrong with my laptop and wanted to convince me to take back my device, but I could not accept it and did not take it back, the guy over there, their alleged engineer, brought a low bitrate 720p movie and played it for me and said "see there is nothing wrong with movie play back", after he saw that he could not fool me, at last he accepted that there is something wrong with my device and told me that he is going to talk to ASUS and then ASUS will call me; however, sadly ASUS Emailed me and their response was this : " Asper the testing the device is working asper the specification". I do not know what they are thinking, my understanding of their email is that any laptop with AMD R9-7940HS CPU is not capable of running a 4K movie smoothly and without any lag or stuttering while on battery. The funny thing is that I can watch the same 4K movie on my both current Lenovo IdeaPad laptop which is almost 10 years old, and Redmi note 9s phone without any issue. I bought this laptop mostly for watching 4k movies on its gorgeous oled display, but now with abnormal behavior of its AMD Gpu I cannot have that. I called ASUS service again, but they did not give me a proper answer. I do not know what to do anymore, any suggestions?



May I inquire if you have obtained a repair request number?
I have sent you a message, please provide your repair request number or laptop serial number through the message for further confirmation.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.