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Resolved! ASUS F15EA 15.6" i7 8 512

Confusing data online.Currently have 4 + 4(slot)  (8 gig)Some say it can be extended to 12 gig others say 16 gig.Which one is it? 

amosgeo by Star I
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laptop is dead nothing is working

Okayy uh so i havent used the laptop in so long because the charge broke so i brought a new charger and it was working but only for a day my laptop the next day basically shut and wont load or anything it over heats and stops but nothing is working i...

yur1 by Star I
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New ASUS Vivobook 15 X1505ZA-OLED

I was about to order the x1505ZA laptop in Manila, Philippines, but was told by the retailer (Villman) that this model does not have the Iris Xe GPU card only UHD. This model is sold in the Philippines with 1x 8GB RAM onboard running in single channe...

FrankW by Star II
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Resolved! Asus X541U i5 battery detected but not charging

I have an ASUS laptop X541U,the battery detected with a fixed level 75% (not increase or decrease) and when I unplug the AC adapter the laptop turn off. I tried to reset it by removing the battery and holding the power button but usually i have the s...

gmiden by Star I
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Just a quick question about battery care (s14 flip 12500H)

Dear Falcon_ASUS,In my previous post you told me:"...with the current laptop, when the battery is completely discharged, it will enter a protection mode. Please make sure not to go without charging or turning it on for more than six months.". I think...

grgczyz by Star I
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Resolved! Does ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X (K6604JV) support ASUS Spatial Vision?

Hi, I want to ask a question regarding ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X, especially model K6604JV does it supports ASUS Spatial Vision?I saw a pre-order listing on my country's marketplace listed as "ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X 3D OLED K6604JV with RTX 4060" but when...

Keyboard backlight driver GL702v

The driver for keyboard backlight was deleted from my computer. I would love to have it back. How do I resolve this.Thank you

Brody11 by Star I
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