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My laptop sleeps for no reason

I have an ASUS Vivobook 15 X515. My laptop goes into sleep mode while working on it. Following are the two sample instances:1. While watching a series on the laptop it went to sleep. It was connected to a monitor. Nothing was working in the backgroun...

VivoBook Pro 14X OLED - Grinding Noise from Laptop Fan

My laptop is just over an year old and its fan has started making a very strong grinding like noise.About 2 months ago, I got it cleaned and it stopped doing that for a month but now it has abruptly resurfaced again.I am concerned that it may cause p...


HELLO,I want to tell you that I received a system bios which is 310 ver and then it removed from my asus support page and now it only show 307 ver bios so what to do now , should i change my bios to lower ver 307 or should i leave my bios as it is.Mo...

Problem installing Windows 11 - IRST Driver

Model S513, Bios X513EAN  New laptop, first time installation of windows on an SSD:Windows Installer can't find a driver, and from the documentation in ASUS support, the missing driver is the IRST.From the documentation it seems that I need to downlo...

Asus S400CA boot priority is not available (empty)

My Asus S400CA just installed FydeOS, after reboot the laptop just enter the BIOS and never can boot from the harddrive. I have been tried many ways, setting BIOS like many others did, such assetting the FastBoot ---> Disabled, CSM-----> EnabledSecur...

The audio on my new M7600RE laptop keeps cutting out intermittently.

I bought this laptop just a month ago: Vivobook Pro 16X and I've been having this issue with it since I bought it.Whenever a video is playing, the audio keeps cutting out for a few seconds then coming back.This happens on HDMI (connected to a TV) and...

xyzt70 by Star I
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VivoBook M712UA will not run Windows 11. Crashes and reboots.

My VivoBook 17 M712UA will not run Windows 11. Crashes and reboots multiple times with various error codes or none at all. Runs great in Windows 10. It was purchased in July 2021 so I am out of warrantee. It was sent in (to Costco, still under their ...

rdhuff by Star I
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