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Some parameters are missing in Intel Graphics Command Center

Rising Star II

A couple of weeks ago the Intel Graphics Command Center application was updated
And there the saturation\hue\bpc settings, etc. disappeared.

I contacted Intel, they took a long time to figure out what was going on, and asked me to contact the laptop manufacturer!

Here is a thread in the Intel community

We are talking about these parameters:

The screenshots are not mine, I found them on Google as an example!
I don't have these options...

Can you explain why these settings disappeared?

Quote from intel support:
Hello qwerty007, Thank you very much for your patience. I just received an update on this matter.

After reviewing the case we would like to let you know that the Hue and Saturation options are not available because their OEM enabled the XVYCC mode. What we recommend then will be to contact your OEM to ask for a way to configure this feature. Still, if you need the Hue and Saturation options available, then it will be needed to disable the XVYCC mode manually (via remote login), and install graphics drivers from the OEM to re-enable this mode.




Rising Star II

ASUS Vivobook Pro 14X N7400PC (X7400PC)
BIOS version 303
ASUS System Control Interface v3 V3.1.20.0

Version Driver:
Version Panel Intel: 1.100.5237.0

Windows 11 Pro 23H2

All drivers correspond to the driver versions on the laptop manufacturer's website!

I have forwarded the request to the technical team for assistance in verification.
If there are any updates on the progress, I will respond to you promptly.
Thank you.

After confirmation by the tech team, it was determined that some features within Intel Graphics Command Center have been modified through updates in the Microsoft Store. This particular change is beyond ASUS's control. May I ask if adjusting the color mode through MyASUS > Customization > Audio & Visual > Splendid, can help resolve the issue you are facing? 

I never changed colors through MyASUS. It's not convenient to do it there.

I always changed the "Saturation" setting through the Intel Graphics Command Center...
From 50% (set by default), I changed it to 40%, so in my opinion the colors look more natural.