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Brightness issue with TUF Gaming F15

Star I

Hi everyone,

I have TUF gaming f15 (2023) for about a month now. No matter what brightness I set, when i turn the laptop off and then back on, the brightness is noticeably lower (dimmer). However, the brightness slider still shows the same percentage. For example, I set brightness for 95%, then I use notebook, brightness is still the same. I turn it off some time later. Next time I turn it on, the slider still says 95%, but the display is much dimmer. Now I can set the slider to a lower percentage (lets say 94%), but the screen gets noticeably brighter. So basically I set the brightness to a lower percentage, but the screen gets much brighter.

How can I fix it, so the brightness will remain the same? I have Windows 11, adaptive brightness is not turned on (this option is not available). I believe it is some setting in bios, or somewhere deeper than windows. Can someone help me please?



May I inquire whether by "turn the laptop off and then back on" you mean powering off completely, or just closing the laptop lid?
Regarding the issue described, does it occur only when adjusting to a specific brightness level, or does it happen at all brightness levels?
If you have reinstalled the graphics card driver, has the situation improved?
If not, could you please provide the current operating system build number and graphics card driver version that are installed? Additionally, could you please provide the complete model name of the laptop you are using?
Thank you.
Which version of Windows operating system am I running?
How to find Model Name

Hi, I meant turning it off completely. When I only close the lid and open it again, the brightness stays as before. But I usually did this only for short periods of time. Normally I turn it off completely.

I only use brightness at 85-100% and it happens regardless of the brightness level.

I am now updating drivers. Intel graphics driver was a little older, nvidia driver is up to date. But I believe that nvidia driver is irrelevant, as on startup, only intel graphics are being used.

Operating system is Windows 11, 22H2, 22621.2134. Current Intel graphics driver is V31.0.101.4255 (i am now updating to 4502). Nvidia is Laptop is  FX507ZV4-LP037.

Edit: I have now updated the driver and it is still the same. Also, I have tried to use lower brightness (15%) to see, if it will stay or also change. Result is, that the brightness after start up was again at the "basic" level (I believe it is about 75% brightness). So I can confirm, that regardless of the brightness bar, it starts at basic (75%) brightness everytime I turn it off and back on.

Could you please verify whether the same issue occurs when entering Safe Mode?
[Windows 11/10] How to enter Safe Mode
Thank you.

In Safe Mode there is no option to change brightness (brightness slider is not there and fn buttons are not working either). So i cant verify this. But when I entered safe mode, brightness was also on the "basic" level, if that helps.