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ZenFone 9, Rebooting since update

Model Name: ZenFone 9

Firmware Version: 34.3040.2004.87

Rooted or not: no

Frequency of Occurrence: started right after update, then continuous. Okay for about two days after factory reset, then continuous.


I restarted my phone last Thursday, and I think it installed the update to Android 14 and the newest firmware.

After the restart, it got stuck in a loop, just rebooting over and over. 

It would show the Asus Zenfone logo, the Snapdragon screen, and sometimes get to the locked screen. It could be unlocked, and I could get to the home screen, if I was quick about it, but either way it would reboot again.

I started it in Safe Mode, and found that it was stable. I could from there reboot it and start normally, as long as it remained in airplane mode. If mobile or WiFi data were turned on, the rebooting would continue.

I did a factory reset, and that seemed to work, but after about two days, the problem reemerged and the rebooting started again.


I don't know if there is a reasonable way to roll back he firmware/Android version, or some other solution. I can't be sure it was the update, but I'm not sure what else could be causing it.


@ebill wrote:

I have this exact problem!

Thanks for letting me know, I'll keep an eye on your thread as well, and try to let you know if I figure anything out.


Hey @OopsAllPossums,

Can you please share the name of your network operator?

Update? Can you push us an android 13 downgrade until this is fixed? My phone is bricked with this same issue. Have to keep the at&t SIM card removed or constant bootloop.