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Pets Being Weird

This month we are hosting a photo thread for everyone to post a picture of your pets, ‘Pets being Weird.’ Share your adorable and funny pet photos in this thread! Whether you have a cuddly cat, a playful dog, a feathery bird, or any other delightful ...

Force Shutdown with Power/Volume (or otherwise)

My Zenfone 9 has a broken screen, completely unresponsive. I can't figure out how to turn it off, Google is no help here. I've tried holding power for 30s and power and volume down (which just force reboots).How can I make sure this device is turned ...

Supra by Rising Star I
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Resolved! VoLTE and VoWiFi doesn't work

Zenfone 9/ Android 13/  33.0804.2060.100/ Romanian operators My sims work on VoLTE and VoWiFi in another phone. 

Popica by Star III
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Clock On Lock Screen (position change)?

Hello,I'm fussy and clingy and irritates me slightly that clock on losck screen in on left side not on middle/center - does anyone also think it would look better in the middle including the weather etc.? (it's about a small clock).What you think guy...

KnazZo by Star III
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Honest reports on Zenfone 9?

I'm sure there's many other people lurking this subreddit. As a prospective buyer, I'm feeling really cautious about this as I am only seeing nothing but problems. Are these majority talking-points just a loud minority?I'm in a bit of Android purgato...

teddy0 by Star I
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Make the front cam ring blink when I have notifications

I recently switched from my Samsung Galaxy S9 to a Zenfone 9, and I'm having a great time with one. One thing I'm missing though, is a little light that blinks, indicating that I have notifications when my screen is turned off. I have the "Standby Sc...

Tor by Star I
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Zen fone 9 car charger

What car charger do you guys reccomend for Zenfone 9? My previous phone was a  one plus Mclaren 7T pro..is it okay to use one plus car charger for the Zenfone?

Zenfone 9 audio playback crashes

Since the new update came a few days ago, realised if I have Youtube ON, watching a video with sound, then the alarm goes off, video will be keep playing and the sound of  the video will never come back. Need to restart the youtube all together to st...