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Dropping data access while roaming

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My phone disconnects from wifi and from data roaming intermittently. This sometimes even happens when I am at home, not changing location. I am abroad, using EU data roaming. The error message I get translates to "outside of roaming area".



Hey @robja,

Can you please mention the name of your network provider?

Also, does this issue occur at specific locations?
Do you experience this issue while using the same SIM in other phones too?

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I have Swedish operator Hallon. Roaming in portugal is MEO.

I live in the Carvoeiro area. This happens all the time (at least once a day). I dont even have to move from my hotel.

I have no possibility to test from another phone, but my old samsung s10e never did this when I was in the area last year.

In addition I have been getting the welcome message from the operator you get when you first arrive to the country saying.

Welcome to Portugal

and so on.... telling the rates for Text messages and calls.

This messages does not occur as often as the other problems, but approximately once a week.