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Zenfone 9 bug: proximity sensor ignored while headphone is connected

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While a headphone is connected, the proximity sensor is completely ignored during calls. This means that the screen will not turn itself off nor ignore accidental touches.
This happens whether a headphone is connected via 3.5mm jack, a USB-C -> 3.5mm adapter, or Bluetooth. This also happens across different pairs of headphones.
Can anyone confirm whether this is happening on their device?
ASUS, please fix this. This is a major problem.

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Somewhat related, I've found the proximity sensor to be extremely buggy without headphones (holding phone to head). Constantly knock the mute button and if I try to use the phone during a call (while on speaker), the screen turns off (proximity sensor activation).

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There are already other threads about this issue. It is the single most annoying thing about this phone in my use case. almost all calls are interrupted by the person on the other side asking if i'm still here, because of the face to mute button touch

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