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Marshall Major IV high noise with cable

Star I

I've found issue with my Marshall Major IV headphones when are connected to the 3.5mm jack (on BT works fine and on other phones it works as well.)

Music players, I tried various, output only noise under certain volume, then, if raised above let's say around 60% it starts to output also music, but still with the high noise.

This happens also with system audio, not only music.

No matter if Durable or Dynamic battery profile set or which AudioWizard equalizer I choose.

My other cabled Superlux HD681evo headphones or even smaller KZ in-ear, work both fine.


Latest FW WW_33.0220.0220.52, on 8/256GB, clean installed.


I've already taken 2 logs with the integrated Asus LogTool, one with bug and the other with working headphone model.


Any info or help? Thank you.



Hey @zenfone10,
Thank you for reaching out. I'll be reporting the issue to the R&D team.
Could you please share the logs with me via PM? 

Thanks for your fast response. Message sent.