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annoying notification every time I connect my headphones

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I have a little problem that's a bit annoying in the long run.

I listen to a lot of music, and every time I turn on my headphones and they connect to my ZF10, there's a "Qualcomm aptX Adaptive" notification that produces a sound, which is particularly annoying when the music is already playing and I want to migrate it to my headphones, the notification covers up the music for a few seconds.  

Screenshot_20231227-221139_ASUS_Launcher (1).jpg

By going to the notification history, it seems that this notification is made by an app called "Codec status - aptxui" ; but I can't disable notifications and the changes made on this page disappear as soon as I make a return gesture.


Is there a way to disable Codec Status notifications ? If not, could you please consider to implement it ? Thanks

(problem encountered on every updates since I got the phone, Android 13/14)


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Completely agree. So annoying, why can't these notifications be customised? It's infuriating