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Android 14 is really disappointing

Star II

It's unbelievably disappointing , almost no change. No lockscreen customization no new clocks,no new always on display customizations, same front camera low quality noise issues! 

1. Android 14 should bring lock screen customizations with new clocks and stuff, it's up to the manufacturer to add these features, so Asus decided to just add a slider to change the COLOR !! of the clock witch is really DISAPPOINTING!

2.look at the widgets even stock ones like the weather is not usable (a huge scaling problem still exists) another example, every other company has brought and improved on their widgets significantly. Take nothing phone Android 14 update for example and compare it to this one. This feels like a monthly security patch! their widgets feel like they are from a 2017 phone. Anywho you get Android for a lot of reasons and one of them is being able to have all these fun customization stuff, with Asus we still got one major update- (witch should be at least 3 years of update with a flag shop phone)- and now I know it's just going to be another security patch and it's really disappointing! 🥲


Star III

I was afraid this might happen. Frankly I haven't touched my ZF10 for a while. I started using my Galaxy S23 again just because it's much less 'glitchy'. Quite a few issues have been reported on this website but Asus doesn't really seem to take notice of what is going on with their customers' devices. Firefox kept behaving oddly on my phone and after several firmware updates the auto refreshrate also didn't get fixed so I had to keep it at 120 Hz at all times (in quite a few apps the refresh rate kept falling back to 60 Hz). The overall user experience at least for me makes it feel like an OK phone but with just a few too many annoying little bugs. The software feels like a community driven custom ROM rather than a professional well designed and tested integrated hardware/software experience. I bought it because it was small (for today's standards) but knowing what I know now I wouldn't buy it again. I was thrilled to see that A14 finally made it to this device but now I'm not racing to get mine upgraded. Too bad. The hardware is fine and they could actually fix many small things but they just won't. My old Google Pixel 4A took better photos than the ZF10 and the Pixel 6A is in the books for having the best phone camera out there, with 12 megapixels! It's all about the software now. Every manufacturer can sell a high spec'ed phone but proper software and associated update policy is a whole other story.

I do agree, I bought it coz the hardware is good and size and look of the phone is amazing but, after A14 I regret getting it. like from the beginning (2 years of update was a bad move) but I thought maybe they will have more features added and more stuff in each update maybe it's not that bad. And boy I was wrong remember that who ever got the ZF9 that's it what they got is a A14 "a security patch ". And for us it's the same with Android 15 I'm pretty sure! Next phone might be a Nothing phone it's huge but at least they care software wise.

Rising Star II

I don't see any app revamp, everything looks the same too me. I had the Zenfone 9 with Android 12 and now I have the Zenfone 10 with Android 14 and there's nothing to see here.

I agree with you! 

I said it's like the promised us two years of security patches.

Very sad