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Don't update to Android 14!!!

Star II
  1. Model name: ASUS_AI2202
  2. Firmware version: WW_34.0304.2004.87
  3. Rooted or not: not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: occur always, during using phone, but some needed to be triggered
  5. APP Name & APP Version: DHL's 3CA app, ver. 6.6.0o


  1. Using scenario: ummm, as always
  2. Troubleshooting done: nothing

As I progressed through that part of the forum, dedicated for Zenfone 9 I see more and more issues that people encountered. Someone, even, got a phone blocked and data, probably, will be lost.

I've encountered minor issues, that don't makes using my Z9 impossible, but I don't like how it is performing right now. For example: sound , while I lock or unlock Z9 sound, that accompany it is quieter than before, also notification sound, it is easier for Z9 to become hot, overall using experience isn't as smooth as before an update, when I tap on a notification from Twitter on a notification panel I need to wait about a second before Twitter opens which is annoying, really, my app that I need for work is incompatible with A14, and, I afraid, that it won't install if I try to reinstall it, like someone already did it. I am confident, that I will discover more issues and if I do, I will right here about them.

So, if you want to update to Android 14, don't do it right now or you will, unconsciously, become a beta tester or, what is worse, will lose your data.


Zen Master I

Some of us were beta testers of A14 and A13 and this version is not a beta. I've never had to restore the phone and I've been updating it since I bought it with the A12. 

Your problems affect you exclusively and don't have to happen to other users. 

I also use an old app, for A8. It's not even in the store anymore. If I uninstall it I won't be able to install it either, it's the price for security in modern versions. 

But it's a non-essential application, if your company has one and hasn't updated, the problem is something else. 

And your case should be analyzed well, because it is not normal for it to slow down. 

Most people come here to complain and those who are doing well usually have no need to come to these forums. Use the Asus technical service that you paid for when you bought the phone, it's my first choice.


Ok, thanks, I'll try.

No app is essential. But I have 2 old apps and there are no others like them. If I uninstall I can't install anymore. In addition, the possibility of having 5 icons on the home screen and at the same time 4 columns in the application menu with 4x5 has also been lost.