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[ZenFone 9] Join the Android 14 Preview Program

Hi ZenFone 9 users, We will soon have the newest Android system on ZenFone 9. ASUS hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this preview program to experience Android 14! What is the Android Preview Program? Android Preview Program lets users ex...

Laura_ASUS by Community Manager
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Photo Thread: Pets Being Weird

This month we are hosting a photo thread for everyone to post a picture of your pets, ‘Pets being Weird.’ Share your adorable and funny pet photos in this thread! Whether you have a cuddly cat, a playful dog, a feathery bird, or any other delightful ...

Paint chipping on side

I have a black Zenfone 9 with a case, and it has already started chipping particularly near the zentouch button. Anyone else have this issue?

Assistant not working with bluetooth

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name: zenfone 9Firmware Version: ww 32.2030.2030.26Rooted or not: noFrequency of Occurrence: alwaysAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): noIn addition to informa...

Zenfone 9 screen graininess

Hi,Does anyone else's screen look a bit grainy after the update. When you hold a button or something that has a fill animation from black to a color, it has an effect similar to how the back of the phone looks (if that makes any sense). Is this inten...

gagaboom by Star II
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Zenfone 9 - Bluetooth connection issues

Tried to connect to PC's and TV via Bluetooth to use as remote, but it disconnects and tries to connect again until it disconnects completely.It works on multiple other phones without an issue.

MatunS by Star II
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Fix photo oversharpening and overprocessing with GCam.

Dear Asus mods,could you please forward following video to your colleagues in Camera/Development department?[insert youtube site, because I cannot post links]/watch?v=nupkELMJck4It should be mandatory for them to watch every morning in work, because ...

scopulo by Star II
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Wifi calling - can't turn on

Hi there,I have Zenfone 9 since 2 days and I can't turn on Wifi Calling. Even afer today update there is no menu where I can do it. There is only deactivated icon in notifications on top but it is impossible to activate it.Can You help?Zenfone 9Andro...

[BUG] Lines on camera when white (lots of light) in the frame

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name: Zenfone 9, EU, 16/256 editionFirmware Version: Late August updateRooted or not: Nah.Frequency of Occurrence: Reproducible again and againAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue re...

CuraeL by Star III
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Zenfone 9 Gimbal click noise when changing modes

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name: Zenfone 9Firmware Version: 32.2030.2030.26Rooted or not: notFrequency of Occurrence: AlwaysAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Camera v9.5.3.1_220811Whene...