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Waiting for the Google Pixel 8 pro to have a decent phone

Rising Star I

This is a protest post, after being an Asus Zenfone 9 user for almost 8 months 



It's disappointing that we don't have a decent firmware yet


Many posts with errors. Reported for months and they never solve anything . This forum is full of errors posted by other users and none of them have been fixed. 


The stock front camera, a shame compared to gcam. Photos are not sharp, colors and details are poor, the gcam installed on the Asus takes better photos

The stock camera is slow, the photos are blurry. my pixel 4a5g from 2020 is faster and the photos come out sharp instantly 

The phone unlocks in the baggie and does unwanted things. Send messages, photos, anything against our will 

Asus Zenfone 9 has the best processor of 2022 and is not even capable of running Warzone Mobile. Even my old Pixel 4a5G runs it well and decently.

The double tap on the back works badly

There are a lot of bugs and they don't fix anything, the updates have a short changelog...

When you have errors in your product, the logical thing to do is to do everything possible to solve them as soon as possible and provide good service to your customers... 

I am very disappointed in this company. As soon as the Goog e Pixdl 8 is released I will never own an Asus again

Thanks Asus for making me hate your company. 


Rising Star II

Well, mine works well, and so does my friend's. (So did my previous ZF8.)

I am not saying this to suggest you don't have issues - just that a forum where people report their problems is not a good indicator for how widespread these issues are. Visit a Pixel forum: it will be full of complaints. (I've owned several Pixels and still own 2; mine have worked well, but as a whole they are hardly free from problems.)

By the way, you could also try an S22 or S23. I don't like Samsung's software, but objectively the two are great phones, and with the latest updates a new S22 (my Exynos, at least) has pretty good battery life, better than the ZF8 and not much worse that the ZF9.

Star II

It's not very common for recently released devices to be free from issues, far from actually, I'm coming from both the S22 and Pixel 6x and they eventually got fixed. I'm very happy with the ZF9 nowadays. However, I wasn't that satisfied initially back in October 2022 when there were some unresolved issues without getting into details. 

Rising Star I

If you do not have problems on your phones, It may simply be because they are users who do not use the phone much, or do not require demanding use of it. 

It's something to see the forum bro, it's full of messages with errors and bugs. If this is not the case for you two, you are the exception. It is impossible for the rest of the users to be wrong about it, there are many testimonials, you have to read the forum more.

Yes, I use the phone 5 min a day and exclusively for phone calls. I had no idea the ZF9 could do anything else.

Come on... Nobody said the ZF9 was perfect. Just that, compared to other phones, it's doing quite well and, for the most of us, works well and entails few or very acceptable minor compromises. That's all.

Don't judge the prevalence of problems from official manufacturer (or other) forums. It's like judging the prevalence of illness by talking to people waiting at the doctor's practice.