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Bootloader again

Star I

dear moderators.

i am new to asus as a smartphone manufacturer and i bought a new zenfone 8 with the expectation of installing a custom rom and getting root to become the actual owner of my phone. tons of guides on the web describe an easy way.

to my surprise, i found out that this is no longer possible. but some moderators here promised that the needed app will be out in Q3 2023. if i understand correctly, there is a huge communication lag since that date passed, which confuses people. some think that the expected app will never come.

It's not for me to question your company policy, and I know you must be tired of answering questions like this, it looks like you know as much as we do. 

The big question for me is whether it's worth waiting or whether I should sell the phone. That would make me sad, but for me there is no way without root and with google. i think everybody understand that.


Yours sincerely