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Goodbye, ASUS

Rising Star I

After lie upon lie upon lie, and pretty atrocious customer service (the low-water-mark only lower by MSI), I'm done.

No bootloader unlock tool. Months and months of waiting.

Lies and misinformation. Told it will come/won't come/wait until Q4 2023.

Disorganization and no appreciation of their customers. Being handed off from email to email to phone number to phone number. Having to repeat myself over and over to people that either don't access or don't read case notes and previous interactions.


I'm simply out.

I will never buy another ASUS phone again. You have lost my trust, and my business.

Next purchase will be Fairphone or Nothing Phone.


Feel free to reply, or like this post if you feel the same. I don't expect anything to change. Just want them to know how badly they are losing customers for this crappy anti-consumer behavior.


Star II

Please release this unlocking tool, you already developed it. You just need to reopen the servers.

You make a lot of unhappy customers for near nothing

Star I

Will never trust this scam company again and will never buy any products from this scam company again.

Star III

I am responsible for ordering electronics in general and since this utter fiasco regarding Bootloader Unlock Tool I have not bought ANY Asus crap and gladly went for their competition. When I see Asus logo, I feel like throwing up, these scammers deserve nothing. Asus is a scam company.


Star III

I bought a ZenFone 8 and a Zenbook because I thought supporting a Taiwanese company would be better than supporting a Chinese one. With no bootloader unlock for the ZenFone and suspend on Windows broken by allegedly supported upgrade to Windows 11, I am done too.

The worst part is removing the unlock App. If it never have been available, I might have just bought a different phone. But killing it just as the official updates are petering out is a new low.

Good luck gathering popular support in the future.