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Crackling sound when making a bluetooth call in the car

Star II

I use my new Zenfone 9 since 2 weeks. So far everything has been perfect, but since yesterday in the car, if bluetooth is connected and I get a call or make a call, I can't hear the other party and they can't hear me, but I hear a strange crackling noise (like a robot voice) and so does the other party.

I have to switch to the phone and I can only make calls from my hand in the car.

I've tried deleting the bluetooth connection and reconnecting or turning the phone off and on, but no change.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?


Rising Star II

Do you have this problem with BT headphones as well? I am asking because my ZF9 plays well with my Android Auto, but the Samsung S10e, which I still own in some drawer, had the exact same issue - both in the car and with BT headphones. I had to switch to phone or dis- then reconnect BT for it to work OK (and them do it all over again on the next call).

No, with BT headphone I don't have the issue. Only in the car (I use wireless Android Auto). But it worked fine since yesterday. And nothing help to solve it.

Star II

I've reset the WIFI, Bluetooth and mobile data in the settings. That has solved the problem. I hope it was just a one-off and will not return again.

Star I

HEllo Blazee , i have exaclty the same issue , when you said u did a reset is it on phone side ? 

what steps exactly i have android phone and would like to do the same as u did, cos the issue is bit frustrating