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Poor sound quality while making a call

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Model Name: Zenfone 9,  8GB / 128GB / Android 13 with the latest system update / Build no: WW_33.0804.2060.113 / Baseband version: M2.13.33.33-DaVinci_000370 / installed two sims of local Slovak operators Telekom & Orange


I have the same mic issues as desribed in the links below:

I can hear people just fine, but the other complained that they heard me occasionally with crackling /robotic noises & in a low quality. When I use bluetooth ear buds  the issue disappears. I tested my mic by recording my voice, yet the mic is working correctly. The issue appears only during a call. The issue exists since I bought the phone and any of the updates did not resolve it yet. I did not try Whats up call or any third-party apps.

Can you please fix it ? 



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It's a very strange thing. Have you listened to the call recordings that Zenfone 9 makes? You should hear your voice wrong on that recording. Also disable VoLTE.

But try this:

Delete stored data from phone app and the cache, to try to return the application to factory state.


And if the above two things don't fix your problem, try using Google's Phone app:

If you still have the problem, contact your local technical service, because the phone is under warranty and they can help you. That should always be the first place to go in case of problems.


From Zenfone 9 (16x256)@Android 13 > 33.0804.2060.165
(I apologize for my Bing English...)

This is simply AWFUL, ASUS should fix this as a maximum priority. Getting constant complaints, that my voice is robotic, unable to hear me etc. 

- Tried a different Phone app, but it doesn't fix it
- Tried both SIM with both different services - STILL BAD
- Tried to disable 5G - STILL BAD
- Tried to enable/disable VOLTE - STILL BAD

ASUS FIX this as soon as possible because this phone's CORE function DOESN'T WORK!!!!
PS: latest FW version: 33.0804.2060.113


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I think Asus already knows about that issue but they still weren't able to fix that. I also reported the same bug here and they should be looking at that. I'm curious they haven't found the prober bugfix since this is so basic functionality... 😞

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Advice from Tochmi does not work. I tried turn off / turn on VoLTE and some other things I found on Google to solve the issue. Nothings work! I consinder to return the phone back to the shop as it is still in two years guarantee.
I fully agree with Smog that it a core function that does not work. Unfortunately I dont have my bluetooth earbuts close at hand all the time so it is really bothering when the other side is not hearing me. Its my company phone so I have a lots of calls and I am tired of hearing these complains from my colleagues over and over. I expected from ASUS to fix the issue in a range of weeks - I know that no phone is perfect and that was why I had reported it here but apparently nothing happens and I think Its time to change the phone for a different brand.
This was my first experience with Asus phone and it did not fell through well.