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Some apps do not load data connected to wifi

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I have a problem with some apps not loading data when connected to wifi until i turn wifi off and on. Examples:

- Google translate on other apps. If i select a text and try to translated, the window of google translate remains waiting for the translation. If i turns off wifi translation appears with data connection. If i turn wifi on it works normally.

- Teams app: when opening the app, the status of my contacts appear in black color. If i turn off wifi it is updated with data connection. If i turn wifi on it works normally.

it should not be a wifi problem because i can load data in other apps connected to wifi when i have this problem. Never had this problem with other phones in my wifi.

I tried with the option of use SIM data connection combined with wifi and same result. Once it is solved turning off and on wifi the problem do not usually appears in the same day



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I have the same problem. Seems to be the same couple of apps. I do not have this issue on other devices.


 i am attaching an screenshot of this. Translation do not load until i turn off wifi


I also have this problem with the spanish app "wallapop".



I think there are similar cases to the problem i explained:

Connected to WIFI some apps do not load data while others do.