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Zenfone 10 apps freezing

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I got my partner a Zenfone 10 (unlocked version in the US running on T-Mobile) and multiple times a day, apps fail to load and the solution right now is to restart the phone. The most common instance of this is when they switch between email accounts in Gmail (5 different work emails) and something as simple as "reply all" or loading an email completely fails.

This isn't limited to the Gmail app but that's where it appears to happen the most. Really discouraged by this because I'm trying to get them off iphones and this really isn't helping transition to an Android environment



Hey @Anonymous,

Can you please mention the FW version you are using?

Also, can you please share a video recording of the issue?

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Hi @Mansi_ASUS , thanks for responding. I've attached screen shots which I think answers to your question? Please let me know if this incorrect


Note that I have been checking for software updates fairly frequently as I'm hoping the move to Android 14 will solve this issue. I can try to capture a video recording of the issue but it maybe easier to describe. Often times loading an app results in a black screen where nothing happens and the phone requires a restart. For Gmail, hitting reply all leads to an email screen where none of the fields are filled out and typing no longer works. Basically it feels like it freezes in the middle of loading.


I reported a problem of apps not loading when connected to wifi. Turning off and on wifi or change to data connection and trying again solves it, check if it is the same case.