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How is your SOT on Zenfone 10?

Star I

Saw videos and reviews saying that it is "battery king" and "battery life is not bad". I am coming from the S22 which has really **bleep**ty battery life => I have to carry a power bank in case it dies after work around 6pm. I couldnt pay for taxi once with phone just because it decides to die at around 8%..

How is your SOT? Does it last through the entire workday, maybe till night? About to order mine so would love to know.


Star III

Usually I get around 7 hours of SOT and still 30-40% of battery left. AOD, WiFi, 2 SIM 4G, auto screen Hz, dinamik mode. 
So I think it will be around 12 hours of SOT general.

I didn't try that, but I think turning off AOD, setting screen to 60Hz, battery saver mode on will increase SOT to around 15 hours easy.