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Star II

I know this has been posted about before but I'm so frustrated because I've tried everything and this phone is still unlocking in my pocket and causing chaos! Sending private pictures to my family group chat is not ideal. I've enabled the button press feature and half the time it works, half the time it still unlocks with only the fingerprint.. either way it still unlocks in the pocket. I could disable fingerprint altogether but it's one of the reasons I bought this phone. My firmware is up to date, can Asus please sort this out before this phone causes me any more embarrassment and frustration.


Star II

I'm not the original poster, but I have the same problem.


Pocket mode is on.

Glove mode is off.

Lift to check phone is off.


It's really frustrating as I'm finding myself in Airplane mode and losing calls, or Quiet mode Or people tell me that my phone flash is on.


This is quite a good little phone - but it can't be recommended.

Make sure to also disable all three "touch gestures" under Settings > Advanced > Gestures > Touch Gestures. Screen On, Screen Off, Swipe To Wake.

Thin pants could cause your thighs to be recognized as touch inputs, and disabling all of the above SHOULD in theory not allow any sort of touch input until you actually turn on the screen with the power button. Could also disable that new notification turns on the screen to be extra sure nothing happens.


I turned off everything what you said and it still unlock the phone.

Do a simple test, cover proximity sensor so the phone should recognize like in the pocket and then even not press power button but just touch the fingerpring sensor. It will turn on the screen. Then what is happening in the pocket is just mess and like everyone says you could send a message accidentally, call someone. 

And you know what? Dozens of people said the same on this forum and nothing has been done. Such simple function. Turn of f***g fingerprint sensor or block screen to turn on when proximity sensor recognize phone is in the pocket. How difficult is to implement it? 2 lines of code? Too much for Asus!

Will try your idea.  Thanks

Same here, pocket mode activated. glove mode off, lift to check off.


I have accidentally Called my boss because of this error, it is very annoying. I'll buy a pixel 7 and throw away this garbage