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Star II

I know this has been posted about before but I'm so frustrated because I've tried everything and this phone is still unlocking in my pocket and causing chaos! Sending private pictures to my family group chat is not ideal. I've enabled the button press feature and half the time it works, half the time it still unlocks with only the fingerprint.. either way it still unlocks in the pocket. I could disable fingerprint altogether but it's one of the reasons I bought this phone. My firmware is up to date, can Asus please sort this out before this phone causes me any more embarrassment and frustration.


That is why - never ever Asus if they treat customers like this. Can you imagine Samsung or Apple ignoring issue raised by so many people and 2 generations of phone?

I see the sense to pay more for other brands - because of support and good software. Even if Zenfone 10 will be great hardware, software and support stays the same.

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Community Manager
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