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Call Recording Problem

Star II

I use Asus dialer , contacts I have saved on the device.

When recording calls they save as ,,name,,.
So in the list of recorded calls I have ,,name 1" , , name 2 " .... etc

The voice recorder shows the recorded calls with the name of the contact , call duration and time .

But exporting the file with this data is impossible .

How to fix it ?
What program to use ?
How to rename the files ?



Rising Star I

You can share/send the recordings.

To your whatsapp, to your mail, etc...


I agree I can share the file,,,, no name,,,,

Asus dialer does not want to overwrite contact names and leaves me with this.

I don't record one call per day so this is a problem.

I leave a screenshot.

These blurred contacts to protect data ( I change the names myself every time)