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Star II

I know this has been posted about before but I'm so frustrated because I've tried everything and this phone is still unlocking in my pocket and causing chaos! Sending private pictures to my family group chat is not ideal. I've enabled the button press feature and half the time it works, half the time it still unlocks with only the fingerprint.. either way it still unlocks in the pocket. I could disable fingerprint altogether but it's one of the reasons I bought this phone. My firmware is up to date, can Asus please sort this out before this phone causes me any more embarrassment and frustration.


Rising Star I

Ive had this issue myself since i bought the phone back in december, but i "kinda" found a work-around that fixed it. First of all, do you have "pocket mode" enabled? You can find it in Settings > Advanced > Bottom of the list. Also disable "Glove mode" as it increases the touchscreens sensitivity which could lead to unwanted actions. Also youll probably never need it anyways.

Then id also recommend you turn off "Lift to check phone" under Settings > Display > bottom of the list. Moving with the phone in your pocket could cause it to start since it thinks you picked it up.

Ive so far not experienced any major pocket issues with these settings. Might also depend on how thick your pockets are. Some of my pants are too thin on the inside which causes my leg to register as a touch on the phone.

Star III

Ok but this is not the solution. 

Pocket mode should also turn off fingerpring sensor whenever proximity sensor tells that phone is in the pocket. That's all. 

However Asus support does nothing with that. I also unlock accidentially by fingerprint sensor when phone is in the pocket. Many times it was highlighted to Asus team and nothing was done. 

It is great phone but if they can only listen users and their issues... right @Mansi_ASUS and rest of Asus team?

Rising Star I

Have you tried turning on "pocket mode"?

Settings/ advanced/ pocket mode

Of course I have it turned on. Pocket mode just not turn off fingerprint sensor when recognize it is it in the pocket. So basic staff of this feature is not correctly done.