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Star II

I know this has been posted about before but I'm so frustrated because I've tried everything and this phone is still unlocking in my pocket and causing chaos! Sending private pictures to my family group chat is not ideal. I've enabled the button press feature and half the time it works, half the time it still unlocks with only the fingerprint.. either way it still unlocks in the pocket. I could disable fingerprint altogether but it's one of the reasons I bought this phone. My firmware is up to date, can Asus please sort this out before this phone causes me any more embarrassment and frustration.


I've changed all the settings and still the same problem, why is there even a pocket mode? No other phone goes all toy story in your pocket it's infuriating, I've butt dialed so many people.. one time I could feel my leg burning and realised the phone had been recording in video mode for 20 mins!

I swapped my pixel 6 for this phone as I wanted something smaller, but now I'm going back to my pixel. It may be small but it's a big pain in the ass!


Hey @pjtl,
Can you please share your FW version?

@Mansi_ASUS  Since I have this phone (Aug 22) each version of firmware has the same. This is just how it is setup. Right now I am on WW_33_0804_2060_88.

Hi, it's


Everything's up to date and I've selected the settings which people have suggested and still just yesterday the phone deleted a bunch of images from my gallery while in my pocket. 

It doesn't matter how many settings I change, it keeps happening. Why should I have to disable all these features just to have it keep defecting? Features which should work for you not against you. It is a design fault, I'd love to get a refund but I doubt that will happen.