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Problem with mic during phone calls on Zenfone 9

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I have a problem with mic during the calls. The other side is frequently complaining that the voice is crackling, robotic and in the end they usually stop hearing me completely. Is there any solution?

Android 13, FW version ww_33.0804.2060.88



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I have the same problem.

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Welcome to the club. All they will do is ask for a log. It doesn't go anywhere. Send the phone back. That is the only way they will listen. The issue is widespread and well known. 

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I'm having the same issue, it happens after like a minute of the call, but this is what I noticed

  • it only happens during regular cellular calls
  • doesn't happen when I use some app to call (like whatsapp calling, that works fine)
  • the issue disappeared today when I plugged in a wired headphone (with a mic).

It shouldn't be a hardware issue since whatsapp calls works fine, and it's not a network issue since the issue went away for me when I plugged in a headphone.

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