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Change default gallery on Zenfone 9/10

Star II

I briefly owned the Zenfone 9 but returned it as there were some issues. I really like the Zenfone 10 and am considering to purchase it but wanted to ask whether some issues had been fixed.


Google Photos - default gallery app

I use Google photos across my devices and as a place where all my photos backup. One the Zenfone 9, if the default gallery app was disabled, then accessing recently taken pictures from the camera app wouldn't work as it would come with an error:

Enable Gallery.jpg

I do not want to use the default gallery but Google photos. Is this possible now or not? This will determine whether I purchase the Zenfone 10 on pre-order.



Star II

Just got myself a ZenFone 10 and I absolutely love it! My only big issues is this exact thing. Like at every corner I turn Asus is trying to get me to use the gallery app instead of Google photos. There doesn't seem to be a way to switch the default app. This is very frustrating because I love the phone and just about everything about it. But this is a judge sticking point. Especially since they make such a big deal about being able to choose between stock android and Asus optimized.

BTW. I'm also prompted to open gallery whenever receiving something using nearby share. Very annoying. 

Thanks so much for the reply! 

I love the compact nature of the 10 but it's sad that companies force you to use certain things while blowing a trumpet about giving an option to choose between stock and the company's own optimised version of the OS. 

Given how much I rely on Google Photos I don't think I'll be getting the Zenfone 10. The other compact alternative is the S33, but Samsung also force you to use their own apps and you can't disable all of them. 

Thanks for taking time out reply!

Zen Master I

Have you tried disabling the gallery application?


I don't want to try it myself because it's the one I use and I would lose the data of the faces. But I understand that since there is no gallery application, Android asks you which application to open it and select Google Photos and click "always".

From now on the potos will open with that Google Photos.

Thanks for the reply. You are correct, you can disable the gallery, but on doing so the OS forces you to reenable it rather than allowing you pick another default application. I described this in my original post.