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Change default gallery on Zenfone 9/10

Star II

I briefly owned the Zenfone 9 but returned it as there were some issues. I really like the Zenfone 10 and am considering to purchase it but wanted to ask whether some issues had been fixed.


Google Photos - default gallery app

I use Google photos across my devices and as a place where all my photos backup. One the Zenfone 9, if the default gallery app was disabled, then accessing recently taken pictures from the camera app wouldn't work as it would come with an error:

Enable Gallery.jpg

I do not want to use the default gallery but Google photos. Is this possible now or not? This will determine whether I purchase the Zenfone 10 on pre-order.



You're right, I didn't read, sorry.

In this case, they will have to modify the camera app. I hope @Mansi_ASUS  take note of this and share it with the development engineer and apply the change.

Please Mansi!!!!

Zen Master I

WARNING: I put this in another post because it is possible that the moderators of this forum Will delete it:

To REMOVE apps from Android phones there is a method with ADB and an opensource software called UAD (Universal Android Debloater). Look for updated information on forums like XDA or out thereabouts.

I don't take responsibility for the problems.

I use it to remove all the apps that came in ZF9 that I will not use as all Google bloatware except YouTube. This goes for applications from Samsung, Asus, etc. My ZF9 it's clean by bloatware.

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