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help? Netflix doesnt work in anyway confirmed by netflix

Star II

ive been watching netflix on my zenfone 9 for a while but its been in sd quality. ive been looking at netflix website and it states it supports hd and hdr and asked on reddit and it seems like it should play hd hdr content? so i wiped data and cache and the app suddenly showed widevine l1 hd hdr so i went to play a video but still looked bad so i checked again and it suddenly changed to l3 sd only support? i contacted netflix and according to them netflix doesnt work in any shape or form on the zenfone 9 not even sd quality! they told me to contact asus about this.

now the app wont even log in. when i try it signs in but when i choose my profile it auto logs me out


Star II

I also experience this issue and this is kinda annoying. In my case, when the widevine shows L1 and I tried to play a title, Netflix signed me out. When I reinstalled Netflix, it suddenly changed to L3 and the quality sucks. I do really hope Asus see this thread so they can do something to repair this issue. This device is their flagship, too bad if this issue persist.

Yes seems it's the same issue. I presume it's some Asus bug because it obviously used to work because gsmarena state it plays netflix hd and HDR so Asus need to do a bug fix update 

Exactly!! But actually there's a thread about this issue 3 months ago, but Asus still don't provide its users with any update like bug update or firmware. Disappointed.

What a **bleep**en joke asus. An app like netflix not being able to play hd movies at a Minimum.. Seriously what do you have a bunch of monkeys developing your software.?