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Asus ZenFone 9 weird brightness

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to know what i'm encountering with my ZenFone 9.

As you Can see below i have light problems on my phone. Did i activated something ?

My english is very Bad, i'm so sort i don't know how to explain that.


Thank you

Picture 1 light is clear




Picture 2 light is darkScreenshot_20230112-224416_ASUS_Launcher.jpg


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I also had this issue.

After fixing the screen refresh rate to 120Hz, I did not notice it anymore.

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Same issue with my brand new zenfone 9. Dimming and adaptive brightness are turned off,. Tried soft and hard reset, changed the refresh rate.  The white  and black colors are actually different shades of gray. Any suggestions on how could it be fixed? 

@Nikito Only to make it fixed 60, 90 or 120hz in setting. There is no other fix currently as far as I know. @diasdm it consumes battery though. Such a great phone and this little bug that surely can be easily fixed destroys the experience.

Thanks for the suggestion,  tried it,  but it doesn't help.  The screen is still pretty dark. Even in low surrounding light,  I have to set the brightness to at least 70-80 % to see what's on the display. So disappointed with this phone.. . 

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